Kaddas Enterprises is the leader in wildlife
and asset protection and an innovator in
the manufacturing of thermoformed parts.
Kaddas Enterprises is
the leader in wildlife
and asset protection and is
innovative in the manufacturing
of thermoformed parts.
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Kaddas Enterprises is a global leader in raptor protection and preventing wildlife caused power outages.


Allow Kaddas to design and manufacture innovative products for the commercial air, rail, and auto sectors, using our proprietary supply-chain process.


Count on Kaddas for custom designed products that utilize state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing processes to deliver cost-effective solutions.


Plastics play a prominent role in the medical device and packaging industries due to the material's agility and the relatively low cost compared to competing glass and metal materials. 

Plastics can be molded into useful configurations that would be difficult or impossible to duplicate in glass and metals, and are often a stronger and more flexible option. Count on the experienced engineers and draftsmen at Kaddas to design and manufacture the medical devices you need.


Dedicated to quality. Kaddas Enterprises is a manufacturer of thermoformed plastic parts. We are committed to delivering quality products on time, with a promise to meet or exceed our customers' requirements. We do this by adhering to and continually improving our quality management system. This requires the dedication and commitment of all our employees and suppliers.

Our vision at Kaddas Enterprises, Inc. is to offer global innovative solutions in industrial and commercial polymers, while being responsible for the manufacturing of plastic products. Here at Kaddas, we are committed to our customers by delivering high quality solutions through the dedication and talent of our team.

Our Core values are integrity and respect in our collaborative community, while continuously improving with creative and critical thinking. 100% Made in America by choice.