Kaddas Enterprises is a global leader
in raptor protection and preventing
wildlife-caused power outages. 
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Substation Catalog

Wildlife outage protection for substations

IEEE Guide for Testing the Electrical

This guide is applicable to wildlife protective products installed on overhead...

Rural Utility Service

Item rp – Wildlife Guards

Can birds cause wildfires?

In a recent scientific study conducted by EDM International on Beale Air Force...

Wildlife protection

Kaddas was receptive and creative in producing a product to meet our specific needs.

Wildlife outage protection for substations

Did you know BirdguarD™ Products are also used in Substations?

Will It Burn?

Tested BirdguarD™ material.

Women Owned Business

National Women's Business Enterprise Certification

Perry Johnson Registrars

Manufacture and design of thermoformed plastic parts for Airline, Electric Utility, Ground Transportation, Medical and more...