Kaddas can design and manufacture
the medical devices you need.
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Plastics play a prominent role in the medical device and packaging industries due to the material's agility and the relatively low cost compared to competing glass and metal materials.

Plastics can be molded into useful configurations that would be difficult or impossible to duplicate in glass and metals, and are often a stronger and more flexible option. Count on the experienced engineers and draftsmen at Kaddas to design and manufacture the medical devices you need.

Exam Chair Backs
Seat Backs
Foot Rests
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Why Thermoforming?

Thermoforming is the process of heating a plastic sheet to a pliable state, draping the sheet over a mold, and allowing it to cool to the desired shape. The formed sheet is then trimmed to the required dimensions to create the finished product.

Thermoforming is an excellent alternative to injection molding when the part is too large, Or the quantities are too low to warrant the high cost of injection-mold tooling.

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Our in-house design team is highly experienced in working closely with customers to create cost-effective, high-quality solutions.


Kaddas utilizes the latest technology in manufacturing high-quality precision products. Some of the key technologies employed at Kaddas include SOLIDWORKS for 3D CAD, Master CAM for use with our in-house 3-Axis and 5-Axis CNC routers, and 3D scanning for reverse engineering.


Utilizing our cost-effective approach to tooling, Kaddas delivers high-quality precision prototypes to test-fit the design and material. We pride ourselves in providing exact replicates of production units so that you are certain the prototype will fit identically to the final product.