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Kaddas BirdguarD Products Pass IEEE Standard 1656-2010

For Wildlife Protective Devices

The scope of IEEE Standard 1656-2010 is for wildlife protective products that are installed on overhead electrical distribution systems rated up to and including 38kV.  This standard provides test recommendations regarding these products that are in direct contact or in the proximity of energized parts and conductors.

Part Tested
IEEE Standard Section Tested
Line Protector
PASS >= 90% (Dry)
PASS < 100 µV
Cutout Cover
PASS >= 90% (Wet)
PASS < 100 µV
Dead End Cover
PASS >= 90% (Dry)
PASS < 100 µV
Bushing Cover
PASS >= 90% (Wet)
PASS < 100 µV

Section 5.3 – Wet Power Frequency Flashover

Section 5.8 – Retention Testing

Section 5.9.3 – High Current Test (Power Arc)

Section 5.10 – Radio-Influence Voltage Test


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Kaddas Enterprises Participates in Utah Governor's Trade Mission to Israel:


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When it comes to Animal Caused Power Outage Protection, think Kaddas BirdguarD™ ~ we’ve got you covered!

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Kaddas Enterprises Inc. Launches new BirdguarD™ product to protect Electric Reclosers from animal caused outages.

Salt Lake City, UT. ( October 2012)— Kaddas Enterprises is a small,100% Woman Owned Thermoform Plastic Manufacturer located in Salt Lake City.

The Design, Development and Production teams at Kaddas Enterprises have recently completed a new product to add to their extensive line of animal caused outage protection products. Kaddas has finalized installation training and on-site field modifications for the Cooper NOVA recloser. The progressive design and locking cover system utilizes patented BirdguarD™ electrical outage protection technology and proprietary materials for NSTAR Electric & Gas, who has been providing electricity and natural gas to the residents and businesses in Eastern, Central and Southeastern Massachusetts for more than 100 years.

In a collaborative effort with the Kaddas BirdguarD™ team, Jake Kennedy, Andy McMahon of Shamrock Power Sales and NSTAR’S John Ventura and Bill Eklund installed the first covers in the South Boston area last month. Mr. Ventura conceived the design as a way to reduce squirrel caused outages by insulating all grounded points of contact. “Kaddas was receptive and creative in producing a product to meet our specific needs. Overall, I think the covers look fantastic! Thanks to the folks at Kaddas for working with us on this project”, stated Mr. Ventura.

Kaddas BirdguarD™ products are utilized by most US based electrical utility companies and around the world. Internationally, the products are performing strong in four different continents.

This is an important addition to the Kaddas Snapfit BirdguarD™ line of products. Kaddas offers the most extensive product in the industry with over 170 types of covers. According to the U.S. Department of Energy animal caused outages account for 18% of all power outages, and their economic impact is estimated annually in the billions of dollars. Kaddas is proud partners with many national groups & utility industry companies, sharing a common goal of realizing uninterrupted service, associated savings and reliability for energy consumers, while creating a sustainable environment for wildlife.


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